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Welcome to my new website, officially #56 since 2000. I am very pleased with the final design and my wife contributed many of the art pieces for me to use on it. For this reason, I am finally done with the part where I don’t know exactly what all to put on it and redo it over and over again. This time I will just add whatever I want because the most important few parts are already being worked on or finished. There are many things ready to be added such as the return of Muzakfiend’s Asylum and Zephyr’s Game Riot in full final forms. I will also have a forum system again for music and games to work with both previously mentioned sub-websites. The Book of Noise CD collective is out in physical format for release, and almost all of the albums are on all streaming services for free. You can snag digital copies of individual albums on bandcamp. That’s pretty much all I have to say in this primitive news entry. More to come.

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