Doom 90’s Levels Archive

I have just copied thousands of levels and most of their accompanying text files from 30+ doom level cd-roms I have downloaded from internet or owned, which are also available on my megasite for classic doom. This levels archive is PURE 90’s untouched from the original cds and never added to. I’ve also added Doomworld’s first top 50 of their original top 100 which ends in 2004, cutting them off at 1999.

In other news, since we are moving, there won’t be much updating for a month or so. Everything is being backed up after this treat of 90’s levels to DVD-R’s DVD-RW’s and some Dual Layered DVDs for safekeeping during the move and for archiving afterwords. In the meantime, Project NEXT mentioned in the last post, and the final touches on setting up my raspberry pi microconsoles for a few friends and a co-worker. I’ll be enjoying my offdays for a while without working on them. I’ll also be sleeping on schedule and enjoying my 2-3 hours at home awake instead of working at home for hobby’s sake for a while. Enjoy what’s here. It’s about to be added to and finished before December 2020 I hope. With all that I have planned, it has a LONG way to go.

All 2020 Big Life News

Other than the obvious downsides to this year like Covid-19 and the election wars on social media, for me and my now wife it hasn’t been so bad. On January 18th I got a new(er) Chevy Cruze 2017. On January 28th I got married to Brianna Lynn Jones, who is now Brianna Lehr. In February I put together a track for the Indiana NORML podcast for longtime friend William Henry. On March 16th I released the remake of MAKINA with both the 2000 tracks and now the new 2020 tracks to double its size. June 9th was my birthday, which was also the day Project Warlock made it to PS4. On the 11th and 12th it hit Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Also, I took a week off of work to celebrate both things, and spent a day camping with the kids and wife. When I returned to work, I was promoted to Supervisor. On August 24th I received in the mail all my copies of The Book of Noise to hopefully eventually sell out of here. On August 29th for Brianna’s Birthday, we looked at our first house and fell in love. I had promised her a house, and I got that house. The loan was approved September 1st, they accepted our offer and will pay the closing costs and all we have left to do is the inspection today and we’ll see what’s next.