Doom 90’s Levels Archive

I have just copied thousands of levels and most of their accompanying text files from 30+ doom level cd-roms I have downloaded from internet or owned, which are also available on my megasite for classic doom. This levels archive is PURE 90’s untouched from the original cds and never added to. I’ve also added Doomworld’s first top 50 of their original top 100 which ends in 2004, cutting them off at 1999.

In other news, since we are moving, there won’t be much updating for a month or so. Everything is being backed up after this treat of 90’s levels to DVD-R’s DVD-RW’s and some Dual Layered DVDs for safekeeping during the move and for archiving afterwords. In the meantime, Project NEXT mentioned in the last post, and the final touches on setting up my raspberry pi microconsoles for a few friends and a co-worker. I’ll be enjoying my offdays for a while without working on them. I’ll also be sleeping on schedule and enjoying my 2-3 hours at home awake instead of working at home for hobby’s sake for a while. Enjoy what’s here. It’s about to be added to and finished before December 2020 I hope. With all that I have planned, it has a LONG way to go.

Zephyr’s Game Riot

I worked on the very first part of this as a passenger while my wife went to the doctor using a hotspot. I give it about a week and some pages will be done with the master game list. This will be a throwback page for DOS games as well as new throwback stuff, possibly seperate, if I can keep up with the large amount of throwback games that exist or will exist. What this page will include are source ports, mods, shareware versions, abandonware and freeware games, cheats, wallpapers, icons, you name it I’ll try to include it! This will be my games collective for my favorite platform of games: MS-DOS. I will also of course have Muzakfiend’s Asylum, a collective of mp3s to sample my favorite bands. I may expand this to not-so-favorites and have just a huge list as months go by and I still get bored.