The Original Absynthium Collective (Unnumbered)


The Absynthium Collective is not part of the Noise Vaults. So it’s unnumbered in that series. It is 95% purely Synth and has very little guitar on very few tracks.

Firstly, let’s start this article with what you probably came for, the Absynthium Music Pack for Doom II:

Next, let’s plug in all three albums so you may listen at will:

Hi! This is the Absynthium Collective, ranging from the years 2005-2019. This all started when I was looking for something that sounded like Nintendo at first that you could paint notes on so I could make a large amount of instruments and test them all together. I found something by Synapse Audio which is now defunct called “Orion.” This was for a soundtrack to our second game in college mentioned in a prior entry of this blog entitled “Thanatos.”

The two CDs for both “Thanatos” and “Sin Harvest” as well as a small EP called “Armageddon” in 2017 when I “Started Again” years later made it to the release above called “Omnium.” Originally They were called Songs From Orion, Volumes 1 2 and 5. Now my Omnium and Delirium releases have sub-eps mainly because Delirium is made up of several years, themes, and sessions. This album, for example, has the sessions “Thanatos” “Shadows” “Abaddon,” and “Armageddon.” Later on, not part of the Noise Vaults series but something else, I’ll have a new Absynthium Collective with remixes, additional mixes, extended versions, and outtakes included back in. This will happen later. “Omnium” takes up the exact length of 2 CDs.

Next up is Continuum I and II. Continuum I was created in 2006 for a game that never existed. My college team after I left still wanted music, but no game was ever made. This in mind, I grouped up tempos and combined sets of tracks in sequences, so that when you pressed play on track 1, it’d just keep going with no gaps and all tracks would connect. In 2019, I decided to do it all again with a real space theme and a tracklist that mildly tells a story. This was of course Continuum II and it ends in a cliffhanger.

Finally, Delirium. The first EP session of this is called Nervorum. It was recorded in 2006 and has a lot of eerie tracks and other experiments at the time when I was trying out different types of melodies. The second session was Procellas from 2011 and featured originally 19 tracks now cut drastically. These two EPs with all of their outtakes originally were called Songs From Orion, Volume 4 while Continuum, previously mentioned, was Volume 3. Anyways, The third EP is called Polybius and was originally Pixels I&II in 2013 and 2018. The next three EPS were all three created in 2018 after Armageddon and the Project Warlock OST when I was really going with the synth. Dystopian was the fourth, with some nicely put together tracks using a piano chords book to see about piecing different chords and notes with the chords together. There were a couple duds I kept since they were still pretty good, but I think this is my favorite part other than the last EP of this Delirium 2CD album. Fifth, is Lithium, the mega happy medicated sessions! Last, Somnium, an ode to sleep.

You can nab these on bandcamp from the link above or actually own a physical copy on an MP3 disc of all six discs, filling the disc to the absolute edge, here!! There’s no need to worry about if there are copies left. They’re all made on demand. So when you order one, they print it and ship it to you immediately ;)

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