My Happy Little Christmas Post 2021



Here is the doom mod I played in ’94 when I first scored Doom II:
XMAS Nightmare!
It scored pretty low in modern times though it was from ’94 but come on guys, this is my childhood you’re ruining!

Here’s a happy little Doom mod from Christmas, just last year!

Though it does not have new levels, it has all new sprites (enemies) and resources (textures and music) so you can boot up literally any vanilla/90’s doom 2 level or level mapset at the same time with something like ZDL and have a blast!

Finally, in the realm of Doom, here is the ENTIRE Christmas folder at /idgames — doomworld:

1990 RAP TAPE!
I still OWN this tape! This is a hell of a throwback just in time for christmas 2021 by Crew X.

DOWNLOAD MP3S Merry Christmas!!!

And for a song from one of my “later after the 90’s” favorite 90’s bands “The Dandy Warhols” here’s an odd video “The Little Drummer Boy”

They released this BEFORE their very first album.

And no Christmas is complete without a couple “Weird Al” Yankovic spins on XMAS, with some unofficial videos!

If you would rather the official video for Christmas at Ground Zero! 1986

Feel free to comment all your favorite christmas junk and links below ;) I’d enjoy to see what you have for us all.