Minor Setbacks To Both The Website And The Music... but here's Noisebox 2004!


I have been using Neocities as a host since January of 2019. So far I have nearly 400,000 visitors. Unfortunately for now, I cannot even pay my bill. Normally it was autopay but due to a hacker stealing through paypal I removed all my cards from everything for good. So for now I cannot edit, add, or do really anything with the files up there, because I’m not currently a supporter. If I had less than a gigabyte I could, so don’t let me sway you from using Neocities in the future if curious. Anyways I will not update my main website until a drastic upgrade in the middle of December.

As for music, either my dog chewed a cord or the kids messed up my configuration, but I do not have sound on my computer currently. I was listening to old stuff I found I thought I had lost forever last night and today nothing. So in the meantime, I’m sharing a 700MB iso file of what I found last night, to be burned to CD, and labelled “Noisebox 1.”

This is everything from 2000-2004, completely untouched, with every bit of extras now :)

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