College '05 Throwbacks... feat. No Limits Blackjack & Euphoriac Soundtrack

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This is a college project of a few guys at ITT Tech before it got shut down. The game was created in 2005 from deliberate broken code our programmer had to fix. I did the music and enlisted a couple of friends to help out with voiceovers for various player stereotypes, rated Mature in most cases. All in all we had a fun time making it and I hope you enjoy it!

These are the tracks I made to go along with the game. Will Henry, one of the voiceover guys, helped out with ‘Explosiv’ by having some acoustic background riffs. I also believe he did part of ‘Attak’

Also in college, 2005, there were two more games to be made. The first of which was going to be called ‘Castle Kingdom’ but unfortunately the collision detection kept giving the programmer problems, so we moved on to do a space shooter. The teacher actually gave us code from a game he made and the programmer added starfields, etc, and pimped it up a bit. The first boss was by our 3D Modelling instructor, Eric Schuck who runs a company now called Illusionations. It only looks weird in the game because the rest of the game was just us amateurs and then this happens. If you’re looking for 3D stuff this guy can do it all. Check out his site by clicking his name. Anyways all free advertising aside, we completed “Thanatos: Valamian Crisis” in 4 weeks. We met in class once or twice a week too, so you can call it 4 or 8 days if you want to give us the props well deserved!

THANATOS Arrow Keys, Z to fire

Next up was our overhead game. It is a zelda clone. That was the point, though a lot of people knocked it on newgrounds for it being a zelda ripoff. Clones are homages not ripoffs. Anyways I enlisted 3 people to do voiceovers and sat this one out. I did all the music though. I completed 30 tracks and we only needed 4 if that says anything about how much I put into things still…


The music for these will be found on OMNIUM in my BANDCAMP.

This concludes all the games in my two-year stay at ITT Technical Institute. I did also as that guy that didn’t say much but work, pop out with videos they found hilarious when the time came as a suprise to do video projects or animation stuff. Broadcast Graphics was the first class. We were supposed to make an advert using a 3D model somewhere in it as well as a few other requirements. Actually there was a whole list of projects we could have done but when I saw this one “The G Chip” immediately popped into my head (I was swarming with many other ideas daily back then, and wish I did a skit comedy show when I was younger) These were all dumb though (I guess that was the point). check them out!

For my film debut I did this…

…yes I realized later I misspelled Schitzophrenia. Ah well. No one caught it and I scored 100.

Up next was the Animation I class. This happened…

I still suck at 3D and gave up a long time ago by the way, though I have a friend reteaching me using blender™

Thirdly, for Audio/Video Techniques class I did a music video I’m not sharing because it was lost and stupid, but it featured Evil Dead 2 scenes with made up animated flash textural stuff with a parody of Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” and “Another One Bites The Dust”. There was a point I think, I just forgot it. But the second assignment was to do a storyboard and video for a movie trailer. I asked if I could just flat out film the movie itself and put it in trailer form. Teacher said sure why not.

I enlisted some actors again like the first here and there to do small parts and decided to go as overboard as possible. This was right before “Will and Jerry” the NSFW album happened if you want to know what all led up to it. Here is what happened…

The very last video does not exist. I have it in my thousands of discs I just have no clue where to start. It was called the “History of Piracy” for a project about file sharing and torrenting. It was a mock video promoting it and the wonderful things it does for the broke in the wallet. My favorite part was when it talked about Metallica’s lawsuit to Napster and started with “Metallica, an evil devil worshipping band, decided they would SUE Napster for all they could get, and put that little 13 year old rat bastard right behind bars where the scumbag belongs”. The entire class laughed and a couple were in tears. I think I missed my calling, damnit!

Anyways I made a supercalculator using Visual Basic programming language, used Illustrator to recreate the Nirvana Nevermind cover with Bart Simpson, as well as a plethera of other things. All in all I had fun and miss it there. There was a little drama and an irritating student or two that wouldn’t leave people be, but all in all, I regret not doing years 3 and 4. If I were to have done that I’d know the Unreal Engine now. But hey, the school was shut down for a reason… It was a for-profit school and the cost was far higher than the education value. I’d like to thank Obama for saving a lot of people’s asses with that one ;) Oh, and the first year I went there the FBI broke in to investigate. I literally thought nothing of it!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my showcase. I really want to do videos again. Finally, for Post-College Addendums, I’ll post one more funny video I didn’t do in college but in 2016 as an ode to my hometown during all that presidential shit. I stopped posting political crap because I kept getting bombarded, and I came back randomly with a silly little song about Meth!™

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