1992 Throwbacks! X-Boards, Frustration, and Childhood Rap Cassettes I Made



(I came up with this when I was eleven years old)

For bored individuals, younger or older, who have dice and want something basic and don’t feel like learning something like Dungeons & Dragons right now. This can be played by one or multiple players.

You can make your own boards with paper, a set of wood, chalk and stones, or probably many other mediums your imagination can allow. There will be a full game worth of premade levels further down this page as well as others in printable format. There will also be single themed boards with themes like certain cartoons, etc.

In the future I will make also a printable game with differing cards having rules specific to turns where one player builds a level for others to play using guidelines.

So how do you play?

Well there is a start, and there is a finish. In the middle are two types of spaces, a blank space, and an X. The blank spaces are safe while the X’s mean basically “return to start.” The more X’s you place, the harder it is. Standard amount of spaces would probably be around 30. If there are multiple levels in a premade game, then once you pass level 1, you reach level 2 and never have to return to level 1 unless you choose to start over, or you beat the final level.

If you would like a premade board game, try Frustration!

These are just a couple of the tapes I made way back when I was 10-12. These are the rap tapes, because I decided those would be the most funny and embarassing to share. I called myself MC Posse, obviously not knowing what a posse was, because there was just me. I had an unknown keyboard (I don’t remember) that was a Yamaha at least, and rapped. If you hear more than one voice, I played what was recorded so far on the stereo and added to it with the boombox. Unfortunately I was born in 1981 and didn’t know of multitrack yet. I had no DJ or anything, and I was even more corny than Vanilla Ice! If you are looking for Quality recordings, look elsewhere, for I was 10. I found some vocal/rap parts while listening in that were of other actual songs. If you feel like suing my 10-year-old past self, feel free. I’m 40 now though.

Due to being recorded over and over, some of the lyrics are pretty incoherant. Also, you will hear the same music on some of these, mainly because the keyboard I used had preprogrammed music and chords for each note you hit, and I had favorites it sounds like.


Pump Up The Bass 1992
Go With The Flo 1992
Just Wasn’t My Day 1992
DJ Funky Mix 1992

Breakdown 1991
Smooth To The Groove 1992
Schoolhouse Rap 1990
4th of July 1991
Parents /w BGMusic 1991
Parents Spit Mix 1991

For the record, I never stole fireworks

You Can Also DOWNLOAD The Full Album.

All of these songs were on one side of a 90 minute tape:
Feel The Beat
When I Cleaned My Room
Mr Smooth
MC Twister
Squashed MC
Unexpected Thrill
Sing My Song Wiff Me
Popsplat Theme
Waz’ In Pain

You Can Also DOWNLOAD The Full Album.

Going even further back to when I was eight… I made ITTY BITTY BITTY BRATS, a maximum overdub of 8 year old rapper voices. It was originally for my younger siblings but I don’t think I ever gave them copies until I was 40 (Now).

Baby Talk
Mommy, Mommy
Pop Goes The Weasel
Change My Diaper
The Baby Rap

Pretty ballsy to put this shit on my main website eh? Haha.

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